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Calender Roll Repair

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We do specialized repairs on Calender Rolls.  We can repair dings and scores on Chilled Iron Calender Rolls.  Many cases we can perform the repairs while the rolls are IN-PLACE!

An example: We have a customer who frequently puts stock lumps through their Calender which dings up the mated rolls.  They then need to grind the dings out of the roll with their in-house in-machine grinder set-up.  This takes many hours to do. 

We help reduce the grinding time by building up the dings.  By building up the dings the grinding time is cut by 2/3-3/4 of the normal time required.

Plus, we greatly reduce the amount of material removed from the roll to clean the surface up.  Therefore enhancing the life of the roll shell.

Chrome Roll Repairs: We can fill and repair dings in Chrome Coating Cylinders, Chrome Back-up Drums, Chrome Rolls etc....

In most cases the cost of the repair is less than the travel costs.

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