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        We have a new office phone number: 508-598-7909                  Due to logistics difficulties we only do repairs in the United States


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What kind of process does CylinderRepair.com use?

CylinderRepair.com use a process called brush plating or selective plating. This system has been in use for over 30 years in many different applications.

We know our capabilities and will not take on a job that is beyond our area of expertise. The process we use is excellent for impact damage (from ball bearings, tools, bolts, washers, debris etc...) , isolated low areas, and scores etc...

What are the advantages of our repair over others?

  • Cost: our repair costs are very reasonable vs other alternatives!
  • The system is portable. Repairs are made on the machine with little or no disassembly.
  • There is virtually no heat generated, eliminating thermal distortion.
  • There is excellent adhesion of the deposit. This is a molecular bond, superior to the thermal mechanical bond found with flame spraying.
  • High quality deposits, less brittle and easier to machine than flame spraying.

We repair Printing Press Cylinders

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