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Journal Repair

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There have been several methods of repair used in the past with varying degrees of success.

Most notably, flame spraying, and sleeving. But there is another method that is becoming the preferred method to repair these journals. Electrochemical metalizing. This system is portable, precise, and very reliable.Why not use these other methods?

Flame spray is a very hard brittle deposit that is hard to control the amount of deposit. The bond to the metal surface is poor, resulting in flaking, chipping and eventual bond failure.

Sleeving involves machining down the the diameter of the journal in order to accept a sleeve that must be fitted properly. By machining the journal down , it can be weakened, and there is the probability of a misfit on the sleeve to make matters worse.

Electrochemical Metalizing is the preferred method.

TCM Enterprises offers the following advantages for your journal rebuild needs:

The System is portable, it is brought right into the machine shop reducing transportation costs and time. The metal to metal bond is excellent. This is a molecular bond not a thermal bond that would result in a bond failure. The amount of deposit can be controlled and easily machined with excellent results.  The metal is deposited and machined on the same lathe. No time lost due to moving a roll from one area to another, and back again.Savings of time and money, with excellent results.


Below are pictures of a journal repair.  This felt roll had a new rubber cover.  The journal was under sized by .015”. We Brushplated the journal up to the exact dimensions required without any additional machining while also saving the new roll cover!

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