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Typical Repairs

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The following are examples of a typical repairs:

  • A printing press has an allen wrench fall into it while running. The wrench hits the impression, blanket, and plate cylinders. The damage is .020" deep at its deepest point on the impression cylinder and is .010" on both the plate and blanket cylinders. Repairing the impression cylinder would usually take about 3-4 hours, and the plate and blanket cylinders would be about 2-3 hours each. The total time would be 7-10 hours. The results would be a permanent repair to three cylinders, without having to pull the cylinders, saving downtime, labor, and money.

Another Repair example:

  • Damage from a paper jam between the impression and the blanket cylinder. When many sheets of paper get stuck the press will usually come to a grinding halt. If a press operator keeps a watchful eye on the press, the jam is minor. However, there are jams where the paper cannot be easily removed and the blanket is cut out of the press using razor blades and hack saws. This normally results in saw marks and razor cuts on both the blanket and impression cylinders. Depending on the severity of the damage we can repair these marks in about 2-5 hours. Did you know that there are other methods of removing paper jams without using Razor/Hacksaw blades? By using fabric softener, you can help dissolve the jammed paper, and the blanket can be burned off of the press. This is kind of smokey, but the cylinder is not damaged this way.

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